Creating A Forest Garden - accredited training

*These courses are currently on hold* but please feel free to express an interest in future courses by contacting us via our website.


Forest gardens are a way of growing food in a low-maintenance, productive polyculture which makes the most efficient use of space and natural processes. Learn all about forest gardens and get a qualification on the way on this exciting course! You can gain 16 credits: a nationally recognised level 2 Award in Horticulture (worth 10 credits); and the unit pioneered here at Edible Landscapes London - 'Creating A Forest Garden' (worth 6 credits). This course is for people who are passionate about plants, especially the edible ones. We have now trained over 50 students in forest gardening and some have gone on to teach on subsequent courses.

We cover many things including:
- learning all about over 100 edible plants, including their Latin names
- learning how to care for, propagate and eat many plants
- the science behind soil, fertility and plant nutrition
- designing and managing a forest garden.
Students will be asked to design a real or imaginary forest garden as part of the course. You should be aware that you'll need to do at *least* two hours work each evening during the course in addition to the teaching day (9-4). Please clear your evenings during the course and view it as a residential course.

Feedback from past students:

“practical information about soil and plants, understanding the rationale behind it (climate change, sustainability) and how to do essential procedures: grafting, layering, also plant names and design”

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Such an amazing, enriching experience. This is the kind of course I've been searching for for years and it doesn't exist anywhere else, so it's very exciting and very special! Getting a horticultural qualification may open up new employment opportunities eventually and it was so nice that this was available in my local community and very affordable. The option of paying by volunteering is very helpful financially but also for experience."

"A knowledge about forest gardening – yes! Learning about more edible perennial plants and trees, how to identify them and what to do with them – yes!"

“It has been fantastic! Jo has been a wonderful course leader. I have loved all the places we've visited and being at ELL. It's been great to meet such a lovely group of people. Thank you to the lottery for funding this wonderful opportunity for those lucky enough to do it.”

“A lot of extremely useful and specific detail, passionate and careful and enthused teaching and facilitation and excellent resources and knowledge-sharing.”

"This was an amazing, informative, well-structured and useful course. As well as helping me to design a small forest garden on my allotment, it has made me think about some of the forest garden characteristics that I am planning to use in my work as a schools gardener. The course is incredibly well organised - much better than most courses I've attended in the past that have the infrastructure of traditional learning environments, e.g. horticultural colleges, FE colleges etc." Maia from CAFG#2 assessing students from CAFG#4


Maia Sparrow, assesses students who have been layering a Tayberry. Find out about who studied with us, here.