Plantastic Cloning

*These courses are currently on hold while we focusing our energy into redeveloping the classroom site. This will enable us to offer a new range of free and affordable training for the community.*

If you are interested in taking part in training or volunteering, please get in touch via our contact page.


Learn how to create hundreds of new plants for your garden without spending a penny - at any time of the year. 

Come on the one day course, and:

  • learn the difference between sexual and vegetative propagation
  • develop your understanding of plant anatomy
  • discover how you can propagate in many different ways: cuttings, grafting, division and layering
  • gain practical experience of some of these methods of propagation

comments from plant propagation students

"Really well run and professional." “More techniques, which I previously thought were more complex, made understandable.”  “The hands on practical propagation skill of actually doing it yourself fills you with confidence.” “I had never done any tip layering before so it was great to get experience of doing this.”

about the tutor

Jo Homan is a forest gardening tutor who has been teaching people forest gardening skills, such as propagation, since 2012. In 2013, with the support of Brighton Permaculture Trust and Urban Harvest, she developed the first ever accredited forest garden course, Creating a Forest Garden (CAFG) which has now been adapted to the one day, A Taste of Forest Gardening. Jo's favourite form of propagation is division since it instantly creates a new plant - and that feels very rewarding. Her favourite forest garden nibbles are lovage, saltbush, jostaberries and chestnuts. Here she is talking about forest gardening and there are a few more interviews with her here. Jo was a primary school teacher, layout artist, print manager and childminder before setting up Transition Finsbury Park and then founding Edible Landscapes London. She also enjoys climbing and swing dancing.