Current sessions

Please note that were not open at the moment because of the outdoor ban as per government guidelines on social distancing and we look forward to welcoming volunteers to our regular sessions when this is lifted.

Our regular sessions are every Sunday 10-2. No need to book, just come and join in. *Please don’t forget to bring suitable all-weather clothes and footwear* Shared lunch is at 1pm, so bring something to nibble. We usually have a foraged salad as well.

What to expect

Sessions are led by one experienced leader and one trainee. We encourage new volunteers to engage with forest gardening experience as much as possible on these days, to connect with the unusual edible plants by tasting them, and learn a little about each one.

Typical sessions will vary according to the season, often including such tasks as: propagation, planting, carpentry, composting, harvesting, sign making, and many more. We try to encourage a relaxed atmosphere, with good banter and herbal tea to go around.

There is a shared vegan lunch with a salad foraged from the garden.

Why volunteer?

The feedback from our volunteers is that they love being out in nature, learning new skills, and being part of a community. It is a unique opportunity to learn about Forest Gardening in an urban context, and above all to have fun.

Mental health benefits

Spending time in nature is proven to benefit mental health as well as physical well being.  The National Forest Garden Scheme has information here.