Nature Connection with Ida Fabrizio

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Connect to self, to others and to nature in your garden. 

Feeling connected to nature has been shown to be beneficial to wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour. Come on this short course to:

  • discover new practices for developing a deep nature connection

  • play games that will use all your senses to increase your awareness

  • find out how direct experience, rather than knowledge, will provoke your curiosity

You will take away simple and inspiring experiences that will be useful for you and could easily be shared with others.

Examples of the games and practices we'll be enjoying: making sniff cocktails, deep surface diving and leaf listening. The shape of the session will be based on natural flow learning cycles.

Price includes handout and refreshments.

About Ida

Ida is passionate about finding ways to connect people on the city to nature. She has been involved in community food growing in London for the past 10 years. She has run many urban food growing workshops, has worked for Capital Growth, been a patchwork farmer for Growing Communities and has set up and still manages the Castle Climbing Centre garden.  For the past few years she has deepened her connection through leadership training in outdoor experiential education and facilitating deep nature connection. 

She loves inspiring curiosity in both adults and children in the outdoors and practicing using all our senses through activities and games.





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