Nature connection for wellbeing - A free workshop for adults


Our focus will be on re-connection to deepen our sense of community, our self worth, and our motivation to enact positive change on behalf of the natural world. This session will involve a variety of fun, relaxing, stimulating exercises, taking us on a gentle journey towards a state of deeper awareness and connection.

We will begin with:

Connection with self - some gentle exercises to come out of our heads and into our body, and how it relates to the natural space around us.

Connection with others - moving into some safe, contained exploration of truly feeling a meaningful connection to the ‘others’ who inhabit this space with us, which will then extend to;

Connection with the environment & wider world - re-finding a perspective that isn’t human-centric, a sense of wonder/awe and a sense of our interconnectedness with all beings.

From this place of deepening connection with ourselves and one-another, a heightened respect for oneself, others and the planet can emerge. Natural by-products of this process include passion, motivation, authentic engagement and finding meaning, purpose and joy.

What to bring:

  • Appropriate clothing for spending a couple of hours outdoors. Check the weather forecast. There is shade on site if it’s sunny, and we will make shelter if there’s rain, so we can experience the joy of being outdoors in all weathers. 

  • You might want to bring some water and snacks. There is a water tap on site.

  • There will be some sitting/lying guided relaxation, so if you have a yoga mat and/or blankets please do bring them along. Make sure you have layers of clothing to wrap up warm when lying still for periods of time, even if it’s fairly warm weather.


The workshop will go ahead in all weathers, but may be cancelled in the unlikely event of high wind (over 30mph). Our Facebook event will be updated on the morning of the workshop.

There is a compost loo on site or regular toilets about 10 minutes away in the centre of the park.

Places are on a first come basis, and will be limited to 10 people. This session is free as we received Harringay small grants funding for it from Finsbury Park 150, so your £5 deposit will be returned to you on arrival. It cannot be returned if you do not attend.

We look forward to meeting you! :-)