Urban Food Forests  

We collaborate with a variety of partners throughout the surrounding boroughs on a regular basis. We offer educational workshops to allow partners to create their own forest garden spaces. If you would like advice  to create your own space this Autumn or winter, please get in touch with us via the contact page, or leave a message on 07804 596645 and we’ll call you back.

In city-scapes, we find that space can be an issue. But there are always ways to create compact forest gardens with a little creativity!  Below are some examples:


With the Friends of Stroud Green and Harringay Library, two large and lovely forest garden beds were designed and built from reclaimed sleepers, with a trellis frame, and three young fruit trees.


We collaborated with The Garden of Earthly Delights, creating several polyculture beds in their community spaces. The photo on the left features a colourful guild of apple, grape, sea buckthorn (a wonderful nitrogen fixer with tangy orange berries), everlasting pea, globe artichoke, rhubarb. The guild is underplanted with strawberries, an assortment of herbs and edible flowers. We have a deep respect for the community work of Extinction Rebellion, and continue to work alongside them to organise outreach projects and events.


Friends of Cranbrook Park designed and created a large forest garden area in a public park, featuring trees such as walnut, pear, olive, apple, and cherry. Climbers included over ten species (such as hardy kiwi, chocolate vine and mashua). An impressive four meter raised bed was constructed from scratch, with over fifty species (including honey berry, pineapple guava, cardoon, New Zealand arrow root). Edible flowers were planted throughout the beds.


In 2018 we worked with residents of Hanover Sheltered Housing to design and create a large forest garden bed. This featured Japanese quince, magnolia, chilean guava, grape and mahonia, as well as a variety of bee-friendly, edible flowers. We revisited the following winter to construct a large grape pergola structure.


Three beautiful railway sleeper beds were constructed and planted with residents of Guiseppe Conlan, a hospitality house for refugees. Trees included morello cherry and small leaved lime.


A number of mini forest garden spaces were created throughout the grounds of Mind in Haringey. The photo on the left features a black elderberry tree and a section for herbs.

Featured partners


Sound Nature Kim Harrison and Val Archer seek to co-create spaces where participants can fully experience the colourful journey of life in flexible, spontaneous, nurturing, empowering and non-judgemental ways. The emphasis of their work is on grounding presence by cultivating a balance of being and doing. During the spring and summer months, we facilitate outdoor sound journeys. These are co-creations with the elements, using voice, gongs, Himalayan bowls, flutes, chimes and an array of other instruments, all the while held by the sound of the wind moving through the trees. You can find out more about their work here.


Cob in the Community are a not-for-profit collective of natural builders, passionate about creating community structures in London using natural build techniques, local hands and local materials – primarily cob. We are currently working in partnership with Haringey Council to build a cob oven at Edible Landscapes this summer. Anticipating some spicy delicious forest garden pizzas coming this way soon…. You can find out more about their work here.