Edible Landscapes Leaves II

Following on from our salad bag idea, we put in an application to the Haringey Council 40:20 fund to test our leaves and soil - and we were successful! Our application said, "We plan on launching 'Edible Landscapes Leaves' salad bags in Spring 2016 for the local organic veg supplier, Crop Drop. These would be a more sustainable salad bag than those currently on offer, because the leaves will be from perennial plants.

Edible Landscapes Leaves

Our plants are now so productive we think we could provide leaves for salad bags. These would be salad bags with a difference because they'd be full of unusual perennial leaves like Shasta Daisy, Saltbush and Ice Plant. We'd also be able to pop in a few flowers like Mallow, Naturtium and Day Lilies. We'd call these bags "Edible Landscapes Leaves, GrowN4u".

Perennial salad leaves are excellent because:

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