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We are excited to be hosting the brilliant Tomas Remiarz as the guest speaker for our final skill share of 2017.

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Forest Garden Skill Share

As part of our regular series of Forest Garden Skill Shares, ELL is proud to be hosting a National Forest Gardening scheme:

We can share:

- an update on our work with the Newhaven community
- fingers crossed, a viewing of the newly minted short film
- emerging thinking about forest gardens as learning spaces (for example reaction to our proposed course at Schumacher)
- all your news
- ...and we will have space to sharpen our focus together on where NFGS can really make a difference.

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Forest Garden Skill Share

Come and join us to share knowledge at our regular skill share.

You are invited to bring whatever you like: news from a project you've been involved in, a piece of information... anything really... As long as it's linked to forest gardening. We usually kick off the event with a guest speaker and share some food. Please bring food or drink!

And don't worry if you don't have anything to bring. Come anyway! It's a good excuse to meet new people, relax and eat cake.

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Forest Garden Skill-Share

You are invited to share something related to forest gardening! Perhaps a practical skill, a piece of information, or news from a project you've been involved in. Come and join us... Learn, network, eat cake.

Jo Homan has offered to give us the low-down on some interesting research published by the Agroforestry Research Trust, and we will share lunch.

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