the extras

one of our PACT mealsPACT meal in July 2015, with volunteers from Lloyds banking groupAs well as all the gardeny stuff, we also have carpentry and cookery going on. There's always something or other being constructed out of wood. At the moment it's tables for our 'Plant Emporium' which we're making out of old palettes. In the past volunteers have built three legged stools and even a treadle pump! We're very much guided by the skills people bring and by our needs. The PACT meals happen at ELL every second Friday of the month, in partnership with the People's Kitchen. We take food from local shops that would otherwise go to landfill and cook them up into a scrumptious meal. If you're a budding chef or just enjoy cooking, turn up at about 10.30. If you like eating the stuff, turn up at about 12.30 and tuck in. Please remember to bring a tub to take food away with you - we generally have too much.