the people

Edible Landscapes London is run by volunteers. We considered becoming a charity but will remain as a company limited by guarantee. Jane Howson, Jo Homan, Richard Vials, Patrick Maher, Chris Speirs, Vanessa Morris, Les Coupland, Sarah Bush and Alex Sylvester are directors with ELL as a Ltd company.

We have quarterly meetings - the minutes are attached below along with our accounts. We have had the involvement of many keen permaculturists and local people who have different motivations for being involved, such as being able to network with others, learning about gardening, supporting a permaculture project and promoting their own mental health and wellbeing.

ELL delivered some of the training targets for the Manor House PACT project, with Jo Homan leading on this.

There are a number of films and articles about ELL listed here, but this one is the most recent.